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Judgement Both Ways? Women Want a Break!

Posted in Highest Self Esteem, Naptural Esteem, self-development with tags , , , on April 16, 2010 by nappymuse

The history behind a people explain the present and foretell a future.  All women have been scrutinized from the beginning of time. Why?  Because we are the doors of life.  Black women have been criticized even more by others, each other and worst by self.

Our men struggle to uplift us and fall short by comparing what we do to other races.  JAYLOVE47 talks about self hate in black women.  He believes that black women are the only women that alter their appearance.  Even my straight hair sisters are more natural than some other races.  For example:  more white women get plastic surgery than any other race.  In Asia, it is popular to extend their eye lids.  Though Loreal is one of the biggest largest distributors of perms made for white women and bought by white women, black women are said to be ashamed of who they are over a perm and/or weave.  JAYLOVE47 and many others don’t understand that it is deeper than and isolated decision and not limited to black women.

In the 1700’s the corset dress came out so that white women could mimic the small waist and very large buttocks of Saartie Baartman.   Women of all ages (or time periods) have tried to conform to the lust of what men want to see in that age.  Black women are not the only ones.  Take a look at  Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman, the Hottentot Venus.

Black women, you are beautiful whatever you decide to do with your hair.  You have been poked and prodded long enough.