7 Tips to Attract Love

1) Stop focusing on having someone.  It’s OK to desire a lover.  It’s not OK to live for a lover.

2. Open your eyes to the infinite possibilities and miracles of life.  Broaden your scope of life.  Tunnel vision only cause you to accept the first thing coming without expectations or standards.

3. Follow your passions.  Pursue the things that make you feel good; that thing you can do all day until sun down.  People are drawn to passionate people.

4. Find your rhythm.  Search for the music inside you; your soul’s song.  And walk proud to it.  People are attracted to music, both silent and audible.

5. Don’t worship worship your own opinion.  Be open to learn infinitely, grow, explore life,  love, and a new experience.  Be in the moment when you taste something for the first time,  see  something for the first time.  Expect the desires of your heart.  But do not concern your self with, nor try to control how.

6.  Treat your self to a laugh.

7. Start living now.  Do not wait for one kind of love to live. Learn to love yourself and appreciate all those that already love you; and soak in that love and live.

Click here listen to this in detail wait for my ( Jaye’s) segment on Nappturalite Radio.


2 Responses to “7 Tips to Attract Love”

  1. Wonderful tips as always :o)

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