NaPpYMuseTV Live on Facebook? What is that?

NappyMuseTV Live On Facebook is a growing live vBlog.  NappyMuseTV show/webchat is a cross between The View and a Neo-Soul Lounge and TMZ. You are basically hanging out, but the focus is on you.  The more you comment on everything the better and the more exposure you get.  We love humor, so don’t feel like you can’t be you even for a little bit.  Feel free to disagree, agree an expound on something. However, we are a positive show/webchat and we are a profanity free show/webchat, because we have teens as members.

NappyMuseTV was a vision that came on Christmas 2009. In less than a month, NappyMuse was born, 1/18/2010. Very quickly the NappyMuse Community has spread worldwide. We have members in Japan, Switzerland, UK, Africa, Canada, and the USA. We are only getting larger. Click here and join everything by going to our website. We have a lot of plans for you.

Check out our past shows by clicking here.

Now we care what you think. We take this question seriously.

Did you like the show?

Click here for live show.


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