Jaye’s 6 Powerful Tips ~ On Loving the NaturalU

1.  We were taught as children to get out our clothes the night before.  I want you to decide your day the night before.

Visualize your day the way you want it to be the night before.  The things you want to accomplish and the way you want people to respond to you.  Feel the feelings of being in that day. Make your days Dayshavoo.  Go there before.

2. Coffee?  No increase your endorphin levels the moment you wake up.
Get out of bed like you won something or like you have just had the best sex you ever had.  Or actually do that if you can.

3. Look in the mirror and zoom in on your most beautiful asset; your smile, your eyes, your skin. Whatever it is, complement yourself with the best pick-up line you can think of.  Have game with yourself.

4.  Wear sexy underwear; simple yet effective.

5. Make eye contact with others, notice others.   Smile at the point of eye contact and beyond the point of eye contact.  Learn to change the temperature of the room. Think about that. ( I’ll explain this in the next blog, but think about it.)

6. When someone ask how you are doing say I am wonderful. You are not only confirming your day. You are confirming yourself. You are wonderful.


Your very makeup is saturated with intense power that gives way to the birth of beauty and poise.  You can not be planted nor picked, yet they call you flower.  They have sampled every language to name you and have found nothing worthy.  But that’s OK, because you are so magnificent; above words, above a name.  You are quote, unquote “beautifully and wonderfully made”.

Poem of confirmation by Jaye


One Response to “Jaye’s 6 Powerful Tips ~ On Loving the NaturalU”

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